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Welcome to GAP Specialities and welcome to Singapore!
Singapore to most people is just a little red dot somewhere in South East Asia. Well that little red dot has become a mighty powerhouse over the last 40 years. Being known as the "Garden City", this little Island State, having a population of about 4.5 million is not only beautiful but dynamic and vibrant.

Singapore keeps re-inventing itself to keep pace with the times. Not only does it have a very high reputation for its financial sectors; but it is also one of the world's leading oil processors; a biochemical pioneer and it boasts one of the busiest container ports in the world!!

It's not all work and no play! Singapore will have two huge integrated resorts opening in 2010. It host the worlds only Formula 1 night race and it has won the rights to host the first ever Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

                   Singapore - a great place to live and a great place for business!
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